Learning and Teaching


 St. Joseph's school provides a comprehensive and relevant curriculum catering to the individual learning needs and styles of students.
Our major goal is to promote contemporary teaching and learning approaches that engage and challenge students, and that allow students to actively participate and manage their own learning. We offer a curriculum that is inclusive and allows for ongoing success as learners.

All students are encouraged and supported to be independent learners, deep thinkers and problem solvers. Our overall aim is to engage, empower and encourage all at our school to be lifelong learners.

COMPREHENSIVE, CHALLENGING AND ENGAGING                               

We provide a comprehensive and relevant curriculum catering for the individual needs and learning styles of students. All students are challenged to do their best while being supported and encouraged in their endeavours.
We also offer the students an opportunity to develop their spirituality by providing religious education in a Christian environment.

We focuson developing potential in all areas:                                                                                

  •  Spiritual
  •  Academic
  •  Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical 

Students are exposed to strong literacy and numeracy teaching every day. We believe that developing a love of reading is a major priority. We encourage parents to be involved in reading programs at the school and offer parent reading workshops to support their children.

Immersing students in rich literacy experiences allows for a strong knowledge of how the English language works. We deliver teaching and learning that has a balance of explicit teaching in language structure while also encouraging creativity and imagination.

Our Numeracy program uses hands on activities to develop understanding of key mathematical concepts. Deep thinking is encouraged as students solve problems and use mathematics in real life situations.


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